1. After he said goodbye and got into his truck, I decided I was going to move to Michigan.
  2. One morning, waking up before her alarm, she thought she might try staying in bed all day, just to see if she could do it.
  3. The only trouble with the whole matter was deciding how to kill her husband as to make it look like an accident, and then in a moment of panic, she realized she wasn’t the first person to have such a thought.
  4. “I like the blue ones,” her mother said as she picked out her last pair of shoes.
  5. The truth was, she really didn’t want to invite Jenny to her party, but she knew if she didn’t that things would go very, very badly for her junior year of high school.
  6. Allison didn’t want to stop, but she figured after getting both her boss and her ex-husband fired, it was about time to retire from the business.
  7. Her father walked out the front door on the morning of her seventh birthday party and did not walk back in until her seventeenth, just to say “I forgot my coat” and “I have a new family now” and then “Do you have any eggs?”
  8. In one moment, the intensity of what he had to do became clear: he absolutely had to get to the station before she did, if he wanted to have any chance of stopping the bomb to go off.
  9. Picking up the pamphlet blowing across the empty parking lot, he read the words “sperm donations wanted” and thought he just might clear his afternoon schedule.
  10. Now that she had a new kidney, she felt as if she had a new lease on life–at least, until she decided she was done feeling optimistic.

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