Where were you last night?

Lisa decided she would wait a few minutes before responding. Not for any particular reason, mostly just because she liked seeing the blinking green light on her phone remind her that someone was worried about her. This wasn’t sadistic, just the easiest way for her to flex her ability to control a situation. It was a nice change. She was used to things happening to her, not because of her.

Seriously, lis, what happened?

Ah yes, the telltale second text. If they send a second one without a response to the first, you know you’ve got them. Lisa smiled and reached for her phone.

What do you mean?

wtf. You know exactly what I mean.

Hmm. Not really.

No response. Lisa knew he was getting frustrated and was struggling to decide how to respond.

I’m done.

Well that escalated quickly.

Come on, don’t overreact.

Are you kidding? We were legit worried about you when you didnt show up. the only reason we didn’t file a missing persons report was because the cops told us we had to wait 24 hours


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