1. Name: Mitchell Allan
  2. Nickname: Mitch
  3. Sex: Male
  4. Age: 32
  5. Looks: 6’4″, lean but fit, short brown hair, grey eyes, high cheek bones, kind of a weak chin but handsome otherwise
  6. R or L handed: Right handed
  7. Occupation: Librarian
  8. Salary: $50,000
  9. Status and money: Frugal wealthy but you can’t tell, middle class “status”
  10. Marital status: Widower
  11. Family, ethnicity: English-Scottish descent
  12. Diction, accent, etc.: Polite, speaks kind of slowly/thoughtfully, slight southern accent on words like “draw”
  13. Relationships: Friend/ex girlfriend Nicki, neighbor Carl next door, coworkers Christina, George, Lucy
  14. Places: Home he bought with his late wife, library/work, park, grocery store,
  15. Primary transportation: Bikes to work, car
  16. Halloween costumes: Frankenstein, pencil, the Green Giant
  17. Tricks: can juggle, kind of, and is good at telling bad jokes
  18. Email, blog, website: m.allan@gmail.com, dadjokesbadjokes.com (a collection of awful jokes)
  19. Passwords: lisalisalisa99, oneringtorulethemall99
  20. Possessions: minimalistic, except when it comes to books, messy library in the master bedroom (he sleeps in the living room on the couch), outdated appliances, washing machine works maybe half of the time, wears brown leather loafers like an old man, owns a lot of button-up olive-green long sleeved shirts
  21. Recreations/hobbies: running, kind of, reading, music, biking, being outside, trying to fix things but not being very good at it
  22. Obsessions: forgetting that his wife is dead
  23. Addictions: energy drinks, for a while
  24. Beliefs: not sure at the moment
  25. Attitudes: honest, kind of sulky sometimes, but generally cheerful
  26. Superstitions: not sure at the moment
  27. Prejudices: has a hard time with men who drive large trucks, anyone who doesn’t use their turn signal, and people who chew with their mouth open
  28. Politics: libertarian
  29. Sexual history: his wife, before and after their wedding
  30. Medical history, allergies, etc.: has asthma
  31. Ambitions: not sure at the moment, aside from forgetting that his wife is dead
  32. Religion: not sure at the moment–brought up Christian, but the loss of his wife has changed a lot of definitions for him
  33. Fears: losing people
  34. Character flaws: is kind of a coward sometimes, uses people sometimes, is pretty selfish
  35. Character strengths: honesty, charming, funny
  36. Secrets: wishes he would have moved to Seattle with Nicki, regrets marrying his wife because she died, feels terrible about it, wants to move on, feels too guilty
  37. Pets: none
  38. Taste in books, music, etc.: the classics, Terry Pratchett, acoustic-folk, 80s ballads. Hates Michael Buble.
  39. Journal entries: short, with messy handwriting, but heart-breakingly honest
  40. Correspondence: emails a childhood friend, Danny, a few times a month
  41. Food preferences: that it be food
  42. Handwriting: messy, unless he tries, and then it looks pretty decent
  43. Astrological sign: doesn’t know/care
  44. Talents: making people feel good, giving good book suggestions, finding deals on concert tickets
  45. Friends: Nicki, Danny, he considers his sister Tracy a friend, but it’s kind of a shallow one.
  46. Relatives: One sister, Tracy, lives in Jacksonville FL with husband Nathan and son Alex, parents elderly and distant (emotionally), live with sister
  47. Enemies: No one really–a lot of people annoy him a little bit, but he doesn’t show it or care too much
  48. As seen by others: quiet, kind, goofy sort of man
  49. As seen by self: withdrawn, awkward, selfish sort of man
  50. Scars: aside from emotional ones, had knee surgery after a skiing accident when he was 14
  51. Tattoos, piercings, etc.: a tiny open book on his left hand, in between his thumb and pointer finger–it almost kept him from being able to get his job at the library, but because it was appropriate for the job they let it slide
  52. What is kept in wallet, fridge, glove compartment, medicine cabinet, junk drawer, etc: wallet: picture of his wife, but keeps it backwards so he won’t look at it unless he wants to, fridge is mostly condiments with an occasional box of leftover pizza or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Glove compartment: tire pressure gauge, insurance information, bottle of migraine medication. Medicine cabinet: toothpaste, migraine medication. junk drawer: way too many rubber bands he can’t seem to throw away but also never really needs

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